Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Biography on Severus Tobias Snape......aka...... "The Half-Blood Prince".

Well, well, well…I am about to reveal a lot here. Most of you might have read the whole series by now, but for the people who have not read all the books, this Article may contain a lot of spoilers. BEWARE!!

This is about My Favourite character Severus Snape(Apparently, Rowling’s Favourite too). One of the antagonists at the start of the series, this person looks as if he is behind everything happening in Harry Potter’s Life. To a extent he was, but actually He was one of the most Loyal Members Of D.A.(Dumbledore’s Army). Severus was born to Eileen Prince and Tobius Snape(A Muggle), which made him a half-blood(Just like the Dark Lord). His childhood was very much as disturbed as Riddle’s was, and he also found more peace in Hogwarts than his home, just like Harry and Tom Riddle did. Their childhood’s have this similarity. Severus is an impatient person, he keeps punishing Harry and his friends unfairly. His own students dislike him, except for some. Snape grew up mostly in Hogwarts and had his crush on Harry’s Mother Lily, but Lily disliked him due to the fact that he was attracted to Dark Arts a lot and He wanted to become a Death Eater as well, infact he was one of them. He hated all the mudbloods and Half-bloods, and of the people he hated most James Potter Topped the list. The Reason being, James loved Lily and Lily married James and Harry was born. Now Snape was the one who listened to the Prophecy and Told the Dark Lord about the child being born at the end of the seventh month, but he could not listen to the complete Prophecy. Acting fast on to his information, Voldemort Decided to kill The child. But Snape requested him to leave Lily out of this, which voldemort did not do. Henceforth, Lily Got killed by the hands of the Dark lord and thus Saving Harry by a very old magic. Snape went into great remorse after this and went to Dumbledore and surrendered himself to him and till the end of his life worked as a Spy for DA among Voldemorts Death eaters. Voldemort could never catch Snape lying, inspite of being the best Legilimens, He could never enter Snape’s mind and Snape kept lying to him. This proved That Snape was One of the Best Occlumens Alive. Dumbledore believed in Snape till the end, and so much so, that he assigned him the task of killing him, and then finally sacrificing himself, so that Voldemort could be tricked in to believe that The Elder wand lies with him. Snape was the most worthy of all the people in DA I must say, nobody else could have done so much. His Love of Lily was Very much pure, so much so, that his Patronus was also the same as Lily’s. He finally hands over the real Gryffindor sword to Harry and while dying he requests Harry to look into his eyes just because Harry had inherited her eyes and he wanted to have a look of Lily’s eyes. Snape finally Died of Voldemort’s Hands and Gave all his memories to Harry So that Harry could finally know that Severus Snape was not what he thought was…

Saturday, May 31, 2008

LOST but never FOUND

Lost cellphones...

Lost two phone in 2 years that too not ordianary ones, A Nokia 6600 and a Sony Ericsson K608i.
My cellphone usage history has been dreadful, I don't know why keeping a cellphone and mainting it is so difficult for me. Started using My first phone Nokia 6600 when I went to college In Delhi University. At that time Nokia 6600 was a popular set, was not an counted in ordianary ones. I had pleaded my parents so much to get it and what I did?? Bought on 24th december, Lost on 24th January. Could keep it for only a month!!!!

Then suddenly cleared my entrance and begged my parents again for a good hadset. This time with numerous warnings My dad gave me Sony Ericsson set and I used it for a month, came to Mumbai was very careful not to leave it anywhere. The day We gave our last end semester exam of the year, we decided to go for a treat. Another day of my life which screwed me, The exam went bad, I lost the phone on my way to treat and didn't enjoy the treat as well(How could I when I knew my dad is going to RIP me apart this time!!?). Came back and told dad,
and purchased another one in a month. This time A Brand New Dazzling Nokia 1600. [:D] I don't know how long will this one last with me!!!.

Thinking of changing this one...any suggestons??? :P

Monday, May 26, 2008

" A Thousand Splendid Suns "

Another Brilliant Piece of work by Khaled, This one is completely based on life in Afghanistan and the problems faced by people there, especially women. Be it Laila or Mariam, the way women are treated is disgusting. The Sacrifice of Mariam for Laila was the best part of the story, it was sad, but the most deeply touching part of it. Do read it, its a good one..


Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Biography On Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Popularly Known as Albus Dumbledore, This man was born in around 1880's. Born to Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, Albus was their eldest. He had a brother and a sister, though their lives are not clearly mentioned in the novel. Aberforth, the second son to Kendra from Percival was not as brilliant as Albus at school. Albus was a brilliant student right from the beginning. Being not only exceptional and brilliant, Albus had won each and every award Hogwarts had offered. He was a prefect and also held the Head boy post in his time. He was extremely brilliant at Charms, Transfiguration and Defence against the Dark arts. In his teenage which is not as clear, he was attracted to Dark magic as well. He sought the company of a very well known wizard Grindelwald. Both of them wanted to conquer the world using a very ancient form of magic known as "The Deathly Hallows". They wanted to unite the 3 Deathly hallows, but between them came something which shook Albus very highly. Yes, He had seen his father die at an early age and in his teenage he saw his mother Kendra and sister Ariana die. Ariana's death shook Albus into great remorse. He had studied a great deal to become a very highly skilled wizard. He now left Grindelwalds company and went on a different path, Grindelwald went on to become the darkest of all in his time, but was always afraid of Albus. He knew that enemity with him wud surely cause his downfall, but power seemed to have overcome his mind and he finally died in a very famous duel with Albus. This was "One of the most dark" wizard wars, the wizarding world had ever seen.

Albus was offered the seat of Minister of Magic many a times, but he didn't seek power at all so he rejected it. He instead chose to transfer his wide earned knowledge to kids in school. He went on to become the "Headmaster" of "Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry" and remained on this post till his death, despite of some hiccups. Albus in his life encountered many situations, which did not emotionally weaken him but made him more strong and inspired him to become one of the greatest sorcerer alive. During his post of headmaster he came across situations like "opening of the chamber of secrets" twice, which he handled perfectly. Otherwise, it could have been a fiasco at school. He also held the post of "chief warlock of wizengamot".

Albus in his lifetime made a few mistakes, but quite horrible ones, despite of having an extraordianary brain like me, he still had some foolishness inside. :D , which goes like bringing "Tom Marvolo Riddle" to Hogwarts School. He kind of knew Tom was the heir of Salazar Slytherin, and could easily guess what he could go on to become but never ever Albus stopped him. Tom was also an extraordianary brain who went on the path of darkest of the most evil magics and even made himself almost immortal. In the later part of trying to destroy Lord Voldemort, apparently, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Albus suffered a curse due to which he was anyways going to die in a year or so. So he planned his own killing with Severus Snape and gave him the task of finishing his life.


Biography on Severus snape and Tom Marvolo Riddle on the way....
keep checking..


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Reading was not my cup of tea until came this world of Harry Potter..
The magic of his world enchanted me, left me like :O
Then I realized how much effect can a book have on someone, how much can it soak you in it!!
I wanted to read more, read good, read better..
Started with some short stories like "The story of an hour", "The yellow wallpaper"... and read many. Now what i liked the most was this..Hypertext..
Yes, It amazes me that how can one write in such a manner in such a scribbled but still such an organised way that you can start reading a story from any point you like and end up reading it all, though its tough to get at times, but you still have to use ur brain and focus hard. Its not conventional like starting to end.. it can be srom end to start, middle to somewhere and somewhere to anywhere.. but focus hard and you'll get what's scribbled in!!

The first hypertext I read was "Ferris Wheels" and then came "Subway" and "The university of yellow wallpaper". Starting of novels for me was a bit slow, "The kite runner" is another superb piece of wok i read recently. People keep suggesting me books for reading..
Some of the novels lined up in front are :
1. To kill a mocking bird
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Eragorn
4. Hobbit - a prelude to "Lord of the Rings"

have to read them. Another superbly written as well as translated piece was "Outcast". Four deeply touching stories of four Indian women who were exploited to an unimaginable extent. Do read it if u get it somewhere..

Well My reading history has been completely arbit I started Reading from Harry potter and the Chamber of secrets(2nd one) and then read The Order of the phoenix straightaway..
I liked it so much as to understand the whole story and not wanting to miss even a bit, I read the Complete series from 1 to 7 again. :D ...

Then came the other books, as I thought its not that bad a habit to read, Let's give it a shot. Today I enjoy it a lot..

Currently only this much, will keep on Blogging..